Metal Butterfly Knife Trainer Comb and Tool Blade 5″ Closed


  • Butterfly Action Opening
  • Vented Handle:
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Rainbow Titanium
  • 3.5 ” Butterfly Knife Trainer Blade:
    • Rounded Blade
    • Comb Blade
    • Gut Hook Blade with Flat Screw Driver Tip
  • 5″ Closed




Who needs a real balisong knife when you can have a butterfly trainer blade on you at all times? Impress all your friends with your sweet comb, tool, or practice blade opening skills. Even if you can’t properly style your hair, they’ll surely be wowed by your stylish knife skills. The butterfly opening mechanism with this trainer allows for easy deployment of the 3.5″ long blades. Great for whenever you’re in need for some quick deploy hair triage. Just practice twirling the trainer around and you’ll be able to get the blade out faster than you can say: “My blade is out!” Don’t need the blade? It collapses back into the compact 5″ full metal handle. The handle includes vented holes for those of you out there who get sweaty with your balisongs.

This trainer knife is available in multiple different colors and styles. Choose between cool black metal, stylish silver, and rocking rainbow titanium coating. While the available trainer blades include a rounded tip blade, a comb blade, and a hooked tool blade. Black metal vented handle with a black metal hook tool with screwdriver tip and socket wrench in the traditional butterfly knife style.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz