MTech USA Ballistic MT-A863 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife and Hybrid Knuckle Duster 5.5″ Closed – Zombie Green/Blood Red Pattern

Model MT-A863 Series

  • Spring Assisted Folding Blade
  • 5.5” Closed
  • 3.7” Colored Blade 440 Stainless steel with Knuckle Style Holes
  • 2.8mm Thick Blade
  • 1” Knuckle Hole Diameter
  • Colored Aluminum Handle with Ring/Knuckle Hole & Colored Spine
  • Pocket Clip Included




You might not want to bring a knife to a gunfight. However, the MTech USA Ballistic MT-A863 Series provides knives that work perfectly for both sharp-edged tool and fist fights. The 3.7″ long and 2.8mm thick blade made of 440 stainless steel is perfect for when the knives come out. Especially with the spring assist function of the knife that makes it super quick to unfold from its compact 5.5″ length closed and the included pocket clip makes sure that you can get the knife out in a jiffy. When there’s a fist fight brewing you just need to slip your fingers through the 1″ diameter knuckle holes. Then you have impromptu brass knuckles at the ready to make someone sorry. The variety of different color and styles also make sure you’re carrying in style.

  • Comes in Multiple Colors Including:
    • Zombie Green/Blood Red Spotted Pattern
    • Black/Green
    • Black/Red
    • Green/Black
    • Stonewashed Grey


The zombie green with blood splatter color variant of the knuckle duster hybrid switchblade knife. A very colorful and vibrant carry that’ll get you through the zombie apocalypse.

Model MT-A863GR

Additional information

Weight 8 oz